Everybody, Get Ready for ICON's X-static Weekend!!! August 12, 2017



We bring you double or nothing! Twice the hype, the fun and the party this weekend!

We bring you ICON's Quick-K! Our 1-2 punch combo to complete your Saturday night craving for a kick-ass party! DJ Ken Howwy and DJ Khaleed Albadi will be pumping up the volumes and dropping them bombs of wild tracks and remixes that will surely keep you coming back for more..

Everybody, Get Ready for ICON's 
X-static Weekend!!!

August 12, 2017

Open 9pm~6am everyday
For reservations, call/text

0977 859 5911 , 032-417-4127

Cebu City lot 6. f cabahug st. brgy. kasambagan mabolo cebu city
Be wild. Be free.


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